Obelisken 29

  • Apartment building
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2015 - 2016

An apartment building constructed with handmade Danish bricks.

Obelisken 29, is located on Södermalm in Stockholm. It consists of 20 penthouse apartments – some of them two storey – with terraces and balconies, added on top of the old roof of an existing 1960’s building which also received a revamped façade.

Four key components of the project stand out:

The reverse plan. When two storey penthouses are built the bedrooms are often upstairs and kitchen and living room areas are downstairs, a remnant of housing at ground level where it feels safer to sleep upstairs. For Obelisken 29, this has been reversed. The lower ”box” is more closed than the upper, which is filled with light that enters through the large glass partitions.

The details. The penthouses boast, among other things, specially-designed door handles, railings, parapets, kitchen doorknobs, wallpapers, windowsills and sliding glass doors. The overall result of this level of attention makes the building and its apartments in to a ’Gesamtkunstwerk.’

The division of the façade. The 1960’s monochrome, block-like building has been divided along its length into four, where each part is given its own colour: three shades of grey and a terracotta. The bricks Danish Petersen Tegl has knowledge of making high quality bricks stretching back eight generations. They manufacture by hand and exude solidity, quality and is a material full of expression that only gets more beautiful with time. They are used at street level, along the full length of the 1960’s building, as well as all of the penthouse.

Obelisken 29 will be completed by January 2016.