Alberto Biani

  • Fashion shop
  • Rome
  • 2009

The starting point was the traditional dressmaking artisan. The tailor’s shop with a personal angle. Like coming home to someone. The home of Alberto Biani. Drawing-room. Living-room. Dressing-room. Study. But only metaphorically speaking.

Inspired by mid-century modern domestic architecture. Assembled in a personal way by the artistically sensitive habitant. Like home furnishings collected over time, combined with high-tech contemporary details, forms and materials.

In the shop, not only clothes are displayed. Books, a flower or the occasional table add to the exclusive and intimate Alberto Biani ambience.

The walls are panelled with a hidden shelf support system behind. As a reference to Alberto Biani’s tailoring one wall is covered in dress fabric. (One wall on each floor.) The wall panels are divided in a slightly irregular/angular way and each is covered in a different fabric than its neighbours. Like fabric rolls or oddments stored in a tailor shop. The other wall is wood panel that folds down into the stairwell to clearly indicate the continuation of the shop downstairs. The dark wood is with reference to the classic tailor’s interior.