Apartment for an art dealer

  • Private home
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2009

The project is a second home to a Manhattan art dealer and his family in their native Stockholm. The space is an apartment for living and not an art gallery. Nevertheless, the layout works perfectly for the display of art and social gatherings.

To optimize spatial flow and function the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms had to be fully or partially repositioned in relation to their original arrangement. The result was a continuous spatial circuit with one section open and the other private.

From a generous entrance hall there is direct frontal access to the living room. On either side of the hall is access to more private areas. The children’s bedroom to the left and kitchen to the right. A passage leads off from the kitchen, leading through to the master bathroom and another bedroom via a walk-in closet. From both kitchen and master bedroom there is discreet access to the living room.