• Wallpaper collection
  • Engblad & Co.
  • 2014

By using the width of wallpaper and its inherent verticality Blocks can be used as a means to create expressive and diverse spaces. This is a new idea in wallpapers. For hundreds of years, wallpapers have been about having one pattern that repeats itself over the wall. Using Blocks, you can combine six different layouts of dynamically coloured bars into your own, unique, experience. Blocks can be used to give several rooms the same feel, however in different executions.

The wallpaper collection for Engblad & Co consists of nine different patterns. Architecture and patterns that challenge the viewer are common features of the products in the new collection.

Whilst working on the new collection for Engblad & Co we have come to regard wallpaper as something that is not only meant to be decorative but that is just another material, to be used like any other tool in the architect’s tool box.