City apartment

  • Private Apartment
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2013

Located in a busy restaurants and small shops district in central Stockholm the client wished for a home as a refuge of tranquillity. The apartment is designed with a sparse palette of materials, furniture and objects. Continuous surfaces and accentuated, long sightlines add to the calm and the generosity of space.

The original layout was for another life in another time. Then with smaller rooms and corridors and clear divisions between gentlefolk and servants. Today, radically changed, the plan is opened up and doors repositioned to create rhythm and sequence. There are no longer any servants tucked away, and the apartment is unified with through circulation and light from both sides.

The ice-blue Corian kitchen is partially open to the dining and living areas. The living room has an added new fireplace. The slim dining table was custom designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune with a concept that was later developed into the Kami table by Italian furniture manufacturer Discipline.

The perhaps most individually important feature is the marble floor. Made of 90 x 90 cm Carrara marble slabs, laid with the tightest fit, sanded flush and matt-polished on site by an Italian master stone setter. (The setter had filled his lorry with the marble, plus one month’s consumption for himself of bottled water and pasta sauce from his local town!

The marble floor adds a striking sense of solidity and precise materiality. It covers all areas and is only interrupted by centrally positioned, recessed carpets in the living and bedrooms. The contrast of hard and soft floors is mediated by the floor heating of the marble, making both warm.

The bathroom is relocated to one of the street-facing rooms and has become a generous space.

The carefully selected furnishing consists of a mix of pieces by Claesson Koivisto Rune and other renowned designers for Swedish and Italian manufacturers.