• chairs
  • Studio T K
  • 2019

The Clip chair has a clear, signature element – the specially-designed clip – that enables an innovative approach to the chair’s upholstery.

The calyx-shape of the chair’s seat shell wraps around the body while the upper portion of the armrests and backrest angles outwards. This affords both seating comfort and a feeling of openness. The resulting curved shape has a vertically convex interior and a concave exterior. In the past, in order for the fabric to follow the seat shell shape and avoid unwanted ’bridging’ (air pockets between the fabric and seat shell), this would have meant gluing the fabric in place. However, Clip’s design needs no glue and instead uses a custom-designed clip.

Reminiscent of a girl’s hair band, or a trouser clip for cyclists, the clip snaps into place around the exte­rior of the shell after the upholstery cover goes on, cinching the fabric to fit more closely against the shell.

 The interior of the seat shell can also be upholstered without glue due to the inclusion of a thin, separately upholstered, seat cushion.