• Seating range
  • David Design
  • 2013

Designed as a small seating collection that is fairly straightforward to stock and manufacture, but which still offers a wide range of different versions. We also wanted a certain visual “smallness” to the design. Basically consisting of only three different pieces, a squarish sofa, a round-back easy chair, and an elliptical ottoman/coffee table. The different geometries allow for maximum usability in contract situations. All available with either wood or metal legs, and a multiple of upholstering options. Both the sofa and the easy chair can be had with a high or a “standard” height back. The upholstered ottoman and the coffee table share the same chassis. The low number of parts makes customisation easy (different upholstering materials, heights, legs, tabletop materials) and therefore the possibilities for variation are almost endless, with the actual customisation added in the final stage of manufacturing.