• Seating range
  • Capdell
  • 2013

To design chairs that work equally well at home or in contract or hospitality settings is challenging. They can’t be the diva solo sopranos at the opera – the ones who says: look at me, and only me – but rather the choir. Where every member needs to perform in perfect pitch but is there to support an artistic whole.

Yet, the chairs can’t be boring. They need some feature; something subtle. They need to spring from something beautiful, something inspiring.

The feature of the Concord chair is its horizontal division into layers. Legs, support frame, seat, armrest / lower backrest and upper backrest all represent separate visual levels. Our inspiration came from the beautiful layering of the earth’s atmosphere*, as it is sometimes sharply seen at sunset or discerned from an airplane.

* The atmosphere’s layers are: Troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere.