Designer’s House

  • Private Villa
  • Nybodahöjden, Sweden
  • 1998

The private house at Nybodahöjden in Stockholm, was commissioned as an exhibition house by building company PEAB. (Exterior architect: Jacques Sandjian, Equator European architects.) The brief was to create a living space with a studio and a ”home office”. As a ”client” textile designer Pia Wallén was chosen. Mainly because she shares the same interests in non-materialistic values, such as spatial, visual and spiritual freedom and contemplation, but also because she had previously privatly commisioned work from Claesson Koivisto Rune.

The house is basically a two storey space with a central vertical section containing the stairs to the upper floor. From the original plan extensive interior changes were made. Walls and doors were largely removed (some doors changed to sliding doors) and positions of other walls changed. Openings in some walls were added, to enable views across and through the space.