Dwell house

  • Prefab house
  • USA
  • 2003

Two elongated U-shapes are drawn back to back. Together they form a square that defines the house. One U opens to the east. This is for private bedrooms and bathrooms. The other U opens to the west. This is for home office/studio and gym. Between the two U’s is a space that runs through from north to south. This is for communal gathering; entry, kitchen, dining and living. Passages lead between these three defined areas creating strong lines of vision. Private, living and working spaces are clearly within the same house, yet separated.

The double U figure, as seen in plan, is the defining walls and supporting structure. Inside deep walls are storage, mechanical equipment, bookshelves, closets etc. On top of the walls is the roof, a flat sloping plane. The higher end rises towards the south to gain the most natural light. The plane is not a perfect square but sheared into a rhomboid. The wedges thus created on each side form outdoor terraces with morning sun outside the bedrooms and evening sun outside the studios. The terraces and an inset porch together form an outdoor room area.