• Curtain fabric
  • Almedahls
  • 2013

For our design of the five star Nobis Hotel at Norrmalmstorg in central Stockholm we custom designed the curtain fabric pattern Örsta. The Edsviken pattern is a sister pattern based on another of our architectural projects, a private house located in the north part of greater Stockholm.

Like with the first pattern, we decided to look at our own architecture and more specifically on the drawings of selected house projects. In the drawings we found graphic play of lines that, when they were repeated, created interesting abstract patterns.

The characteristic curved plan of the Edsviken house was replicated so that the duplicated and intersected curved lines delimits something that quite strongly resembles a leaf. And repeated – an entire foliage. Though that’s not what it is.

Edsviken has two sister patterns named Örsta and Öland.