New Eve

  • Bracelet
  • Smaller Objects
  • 2008

Aluminium is a fantastic material. Strong. Lightweight. Beautiful. Often employed in technical constructions and industrially formed and manufactured, but seldom seen in a context where aluminium’s beauty becomes apparent.

A typical application for aluminium is extruded profiles. Usual products manufactured using the technique are, for example, window frames or radiator fins in electrical equipment.

The bracelet Eve for Collection Pascale is formed of extruded aluminium from Sapa Profiler. By rotating the raw extrusion and cutting it at different angles, a large number of varying dimensions are made. In addition, we chose several variations for the surface treatment (anodising). Despite the fact that the manufacturing process is entirely industrial and the raw material is formed via a single tool the result is a jewellry series where each piece differs from the next – each bracelet is unique.