Fagerström House

  • Private villa
  • Sollentuna, Sweden
  • 2013

The curved, ‘L’-shape plan gives the house an interior spatial flow that would have been broken if had been a sharp corner. Of course, the curves also make for an iconic and sculptural exterior – something that the client specifically requested.

Another distinctive feature is the facade colour. Vertical boards are painted in different Falun red shades. An irregular transition from ochre (wide boards) to dark red (narrow boards) occurs from the bedroom end to the living room end.

The house has two floors in its tall end. This is where the bedrooms are located. In the lower end, the upper floor ends with an interior balcony facing the living room with its high ceilings. The roof has a diagonal pitch; from one end to the other and also backwards. This skews the house’s gables but also allows for the constant changing of room geometry as one moves through the house.

The kitchen is located in the house’s ‘bend’ and behind a curved bookcase are stairs to the floor above. The kitchen is consequently very open while the stairs up to the more private spaces are positioned to one side. With its slow climb, the stairs gives you a feeling of ‘proceeding’ rather than walking between levels.

All openings and windows are carefully positioned to give privacy from neighbouring properties. This also creates a feeling that the house is located in a place far more sparsely populated than it actually is. As if it was just the house and the outdoors.