• Wool plaid in various colours
  • David Design
  • 2014

The fringe or tassel (‘frans’ in Swedish) is a detail found on both modern clothing as well as traditional folk dress. Our wool plaid design plays around within the constraints of blanket weaving techniques, resulting in a plaid with a sublime character reminiscent of a shawl.

Usually, the fringes on a blanket appear along the two short sides. On the Frans plaid, the fringe detail appears on all four sides. The weave uses two different colours of wool thread, one lateral and the other longitudinal. This results in the two short sides having one colour and the two opposing long sides having another. Furthermore, the two colours, when woven, together in the blanket, make a third colour.

The Frans plaid collection was launched by the Swedish furniture brand David Design, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, earlier this year.