Marfa Light

  • Garden torch
  • Smaller Objects
  • 2015

In the land of the midnight sun, light and fire has an almost mythical meaning.

A cherished tradition for us Scandinavians is to light garden torches in the afternoon or evening when guests are coming for dinner. Either in the garden or outside the front door, the welcoming burning flames symbolizes festivities.

The Marfa Light garden torch in dark anthracite gray adds an aesthetic quality to any garden or park, either as a solitaire or in a formation. During daylight, the torch becomes a fine element in the outdoor room. The dark, almost black, colour also has a practical function – it is forgiving to the soot formed by burning. The steel is entirely galvanized for rust protection.

The size of the container is optimized for the standard tin cup, 10cm diameter garden candle known in Swedish as “marschall”, and in other parts of the world as “garden candle”, “windproof outdoor candle” or similar.