• Sofa system
  • Offecct
  • 2015

Gate is a sofa with rigorous proportions for people to sit and wait in. This is a sofa for public spaces, where one can sit back-to-back with a stranger without invading anyone’s personal space due to the carefully proportioned backrest.

The seat is thin and the backrest has electric sockets conveniently placed on top. The deep backrest also functions as a useful space for placing your belongings, such as a laptop.

Gate is constructed almost like building elements that can easily be assembled as required. The sofa’s angular end pieces are all the same, which means it can be ordered in different lengths without requiring specifically designed end pieces, making it a dream for any architect planning an interior.

Gate can be built together in order to create smart solutions in any type of rooms. The design also generates interesting typologies based on how the sofa sections are used in sequence. It is basically a sofa that speaks the same language as architects do.