• armchairs
  • Arflex
  • 2019

The Gloria armchair collection has been created to offer variation of expression. Available with two backrest heights: the armchair and the high-back armchair version. Both armchair versions can have either a standard upholstery cover, which exposes the lacquered metal leg structure, or a second cover with a noticeably longer skirt that covers up the metal leg structure, giving the chair’s silhouette more volume. Additionally, both the standard cover and the longer cover are available in more plush versions with deeper padding.

Gloria’s distinctive, softly-rounded shape is derived from the desire to support the body gently. The curved surfaces offer comfort in a natural, ergonomic way, reducing the need for thick volumes of padding and result in a slender and elegant design. The high level of comfort achieved in Gloria is thanks in part to the use of a recyclable, low-energy consumption technology that allows for up to 70% lighter weight seat structure solutions without sacrificing their structural properties.

Gloria’s rounded shape mean that she always finds her place within any interior.