• Seating range
  • Taccini
  • 2011

A range of sofas and easy chairs – fairly simple in form – with one prominent feature: higher than normal backrests. Designed to respond to the greater need for privacy in large interiors, due to the increasing use of smartphones, laptops, iPads, e-readers.

Most current designs have three of their four sides high, giving a box-like appearance, closing them off into individual cocoons. This can be excessive in many cases. In our opinion, it is often sufficient to create visual privacy from behind. The slight difference in backrest heights helps give seating groups a more interesting visual dynamic.

Like a dapper city gent. We wanted to communicate that each sofa is ‘well dressed’. Careful button detailing on the arm- and backrests, together with carefully selected fabrics – chunkier on the backrest, smoother on the armrests and seat – help achieve this.