Hotel Bergen Børs

  • Hotel
  • Bergen, Norway
  • 2017

Hotel Bergen Børs is comprised of three adjacent buildings that take up an entire city block in central Bergen. (The oldest structure is the former stock exchange, Børshuset, dating from 1862.)

Along the corridors, the character of the guest rooms change significantly in relation to the character and age of the original building it occupies. The development and introduction of a common colour and materials palette and furnishings program has a strong, unifying effect. The overarching concept for the hotel is one of ‘quiet’ luxury.

The reception is reached via a grand staircase at the gable end of Børshuset. Inside, there is no neoclassical reference except in the materials. The walls have received new walnut panelling and the floors relaid with giant, chequer-patterned Italian marble tiles. Reception and concierge desks appear to have risen out of the chequer-patterned floor like massive, stone monoliths.

The third floor bar is located in the former Chamber of Commerce, a centrepiece of the hotel with its juxtaposition between preserved ornamentations and the addition of tiled mirror walls and marble bar.

Hotel Bergen Børs is the third hotel by Claesson Koivisto Rune for De Bergenske.