• lighting
  • Fontana Arte
  • 2015

Shaped like a small, curved lunar disc, Io is a wall lamp designed for LED light sources. Thanks to its dual-axis rotation frame, it can rotate on both longitudinal and transverse axes, for total light management. Io is easy to handle and adjust thanks to its small size.

Like a satellite with the planet around which it orbits, the Io lamp appears suspended, very close to the wall yet never touching it, positioned at a distance that allows the light to gently wash the wall with soft, reflected light.

Designed to provide light that is as personal and adjustable as possible, the lamp is ideal at the bedside but its versatility also makes it an excellent solution for illuminating walls in an office or corridors in a hotel.

Despite its small size and ease of maneuver, the shade in die-cast aluminium conveys great sturdiness, as does the wall-mounted base.