• furniture collection
  • Tacchini
  • 2013

Inspiration does not follow straight lines. Only in hindsight does it appear logical. But one thing is true: Inspiration is inspirational.

One inspired artist is American Ellsworth Kelly. And that inspired us.

But it takes more to create inspired product design than an inspired Swedish designer. It takes two to play. This crazy, weird, childish, beautiful, wonderful play-doh-graphic universe is just the kind of inspiration that you can only develop into serious furniture together with an inspired manufacturer. And we’re so happy we’ve got Tacchini, the Italian friend willing to play.

It’s not art, it’s just design. But that’s what we do. With joy. Enjoy.

The Kelly collection is made up of the easy chair, the lounge chair and the high-back chair, an upholstered side chair, dining and meeting tables, a coffee table and small side table, a small upholstered stool, a large upholstered seating pouf, and a generous foot stool that is accompanies the iconic Kelly lounge chair.