Kråkmora Holmar

  • Vacation house
  • Kråkmora Holmar island (Stockholm archipelago), Sweden
  • 2003

A vacation retreat for a young family with two, small children. The whole family has to fit into 45 m2, which was the limit allowed by local building regulations, because the house is officially a guest house to the main house. This main house is only 8 metres uphill, leading to the decision for a completely closed facade in that direction – for privacy. However, all the other facades facing the waterline, only 4 metres away, are open and invite a wonderful view across the Baltic Sea.


The house follows the topography and folds slightly in plan where a little ravine runs perpendicular to the house. This fold made the hybrid roof possible. The living room/kitchen wing, which has the highest ceiling height, has a normal single-pitch roof whose peak is continued in plan over the longer bedroom wing. This helps to form a pitched roof with its peak running – somewhat unusually – diagonally across.