• sofa collection
  • Design Within Reach
  • 2019

For this sofa collection, which is Design Within Reach’s most expansively-proportioned, we saw an opportunity to try and achieve a seemingly effortless design. We wanted to create a collection that is really well thought through, really consistent in terms of the choices made. Where every curve, every stitch, every detail, has been thoroughly considered and tested before being agreed upon. We wanted a series of products that could communicate the highest levels of build quality in a confident, yet understated way. Lastly, we wanted to make a design that has a refined aesthetic appeal and a warm, inviting spirit.

The long, sled-like form of the leg complements the horizontal expression of the soft seats really well. The cast aluminum process allowed us to give the leg a pleasing heft and volume with a shape that has an understated, sculptural quality – much akin to the design of the sofa seats.