Loft apartment with spa

  • Apartment
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2005

This former disused attic constituted the two main wings of a 19th century building facing a town square. The renovation was in all respects like building anew. A new concrete slab was poured on top of the old brick and wood frame to hold the new granite floors and everything else above. Only the original fly-beams of bare, darkened wood tell of the underlying old structure.

The round room of the central tower, located between the two wings, became a spa with direct access from both apartments.

Three chimney shafts serving the apartments below were encased by black glass, white glass and vertical floor tiles respectively. Three space-defining volumes were thus created, separating room functions – cooking, eating, living, sleeping.

New windows were cut into the roof plane in an apparently random way – accentuated by differently angled niche sides.