Nasdaq OMX Stockholm

  • Boardroom suite
  • Sweden
  • 2007

The Nasdaq OMX, in Stockholm, was only a couple of years old when we where commissioned to redesign the boardroom suites.

We decided to make them a Grand Hotel Suite with hallway, living room, dining hall and office. This is, after all, where all the important meetings and decisions are made so why not give them the best?

A carpet unifies the adjacent rooms. This large carpet has one design, but six different colour schemes. The hallway allows access to all other rooms. Large seating islands ”Pebbles” populate the hallway, providing places to wait or to sit and make a call.

The office has only one large meeting table and is designed like a futuristic movie. When the meeting needs a break you have lunch or dinner in the dining hall designed to be very Scandinavian and intimate.

In the living room there is a more relaxed seating style for finishing off the deals or just allowing visitors to find a more private space for themselves.

The Nasdaq OMX is very successful.