No Picnic

  • Design offices
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1997

No Picnic is the brightest shining star of up and coming industrial design agencies in Sweden. A field since long dominated by a few big agencies. The project is a complete conversion of a 30’s industrial building. It is placed in a landmark protected functionalist industrial area, just outside central Stockholm. The main feature is a centrally placed new staircase strenghtening the building’s length-axis. The staircase narrows slightly as you walk up. It leads from the entrance level down to the workshop and up to the offices.

The industrial design business as well as other creative businesses pose specific demands on the architecture. It should be an open creative work space and at the same time keep closed secrecy of projects in front of visitors. But the level of secrecy varies. Therefore the space has to be flexible: public – private; open – closed.

The interior is somewhat labyrinth-like. A relatively narrow entrance opens up to larger public areas – meeting rooms, library, kitchen, bathroom facilities etc. The public spaces in their turn open up to the very large studio space, which some visitors might never see.

The interior is mainly white with a white pigmented oak floor. In some places the company’s special green colour protrudes.