• Factory and offices
  • 2005
  • 2005

The furniture manufacturer Offecct is a strong organisation with open channels between both employees and different departments. Manufacturing and administration are located next to each other in the factory building. A showroom; an exhibition space, is needed both internally (for the sales force, etc.) as well as for visitors, where the entire collection can be presented. All personnel participate in the entire process and therefore must quickly be able to join in where needed. Sitting in an open-plan office environment makes things easier.

The reorganisation of the buildings demanded a stronger, clearer entrance and reception, offices and showroom. This is, of course, to make the organisation effective, but also to create a clear manifestation of the company as a united whole.

The first and most visible gesture is the new front facade,where we have chosen to accentuate the company’s logotype and at the same time to tell a story about what is made within the building. The entire facade is constructed from tightly-mounted, black painted sheets of perforated steel. Into the holes are mounted 17400 white plastic mouldings (the feet which are positioned in the ends of chair legs) in a pattern which forms the name “Offecct”. The facade is clearly visible from the road making no other signage necessary.