• Curtain fabric
  • Almedahls
  • 2013

In 2011, at Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects, we were in full swing designing the new five star Nobis Hotel at Norrmalmstorg in central Stockholm. One theme of the hotel that we’d come up with was patterns.

A natural haven for patterns are on textiles. And a hotel is full of fabric, such as curtains in the rooms. We decided to look at our own architecture and more specifically on the drawings of selected house projects. In the drawings we found graphic play of lines that, when they were repeated, created interesting abstract patterns.

The Örsta pattern was derived from a small art gallery outside Kumla which we had designed in 2010. Each facade is upwardly and downwardly curved so that the flat wall appear concave. These facades are then repeated and laid at an angle to each other for a traditional herringbone pattern. This pattern/fabric is now present in every guest room of the finished hotel, in both blackout and voile qualities.

Örsta has two sister patterns named Edsviken and Öland