Portal bar

  • bar & food studio
  • Sweden
  • 2019

Portal Bar is the “mischievous younger sibling” to the well-established Portal Restaurant next door. The name stems from the characteristic portal, in the centre of the building, which connects St. Eriksplan square, via stairs, to the Atlas residential district beyond.

The ambience contrasts to the blond and bright interior of the Portal Restaurant with a midnight blue, Swedish limestone, oak and copper theme. Much thought has gone into creating a contained spatial flow and unity in what used to be two different shops with closed back storages. First, the windows were cleared so that the space fully takes in the panorama from the public square and park outside. Then the interior was opened up all the way to the back so that parallel sight-lines run through the ascending levels of the bar space, via a smaller intermediate entresol dining area and a larger back dining hall that doubles as a chambre séparée. In the basement lies a full studio kitchen for cooking classes and events.

The Atlas zinc and oak tables for Swedese, copper lamps fabricated by Wästberg and Port burgundy red wine racks for Design Of were custom designed for Portal Bar.

Another artistic dimension was added by inviting artist Jesper Waldersten to create a site-specific artwork. Named “Dante’s Ocean”, the artwork was painted on-site and meanders over the entire ceiling and upper parts of the walls.