• Easy chair collection
  • Emmegi
  • 2014

With its instantly recognizable silhouette, the Radar easy chair makes a striking addition to any interior. Open and inviting in appearance, the winged backrest defines a soft space that embraces you. The backrest has inherent acoustic properties too, helping to create a personal comfort zone.
Radar has carefully sculpted volumes with sinuous lines traced along their thin edges, giving the easy chair a thoroughly contemporary spirit when seen from any angle.
Grouping several Radar easy chairs together allows the winged backrests to work with each other, defining a combined meeting space.
Additionally, there are three other optional backrest solutions, allowing the Radar easy chair collection to fit within a wide range of interior settings.
Available with a swivel base, for freedom of movement, the Radar easy chairs work equally as well in break-out meetings as they do in lounge and lobby situations.