Råman house

  • Private villa
  • Baldringe, Sweden
  • 2000

Thin folded concrete stairs lead to new doors in the original facade as an indication of what lies inside. This is the home of Ingegerd Råman, professor and designer of glass and ceramics, and her artist husband Claes Söderquist.

Located in the far south of Sweden, the house was originally a typical old Swedish country school building with two classrooms and a gymnasium on the first floor. The upstairs has been converted to master and guest bedrooms, while the former classrooms makes up generous kitchen, dining and studio spaces. The calm and openness of the surrounding man-made farm landscape is reflected in the spacious interior. The conversion process meant, among other things, removing 10 containers of skirtings/false panelling, inlay of 3 km of electrical piping and applying 1 ton of wall spackle.

At entrance level, a strong general interior view accompanied by repetitive windows runs along the length axis of the house (with one of the folded stairs at each end). The kitchen is open to the dining room. Sliding steel framed glass doors separate the dining and studio areas.

The bedroom on the first floor has built in closets along both long walls. In the master bedroom is a fireplace with hidden firewood storage behind. A long lighted niche by the floor lights up the hallway between the two bedrooms.