Richard Juhlin Optimum

  • Champagne glass
  • Italesse
  • 2014

The Richard Juhlin Optimum glass for drinking champagne has been refined to perfection to bring out the best of any champagne. In a process lasting over three years, Mr. Juhlin has tested the glass in all its prototype stages. Each time, with at least ten mouth-blown glasses and between four and six different types of champagne. Claesson Koivisto Rune are responsible for the overall design of the glass, synthesizing Mr. Juhlins exact measurement instructions together with other factors, such as the poise, proportioning and overall sculptural character of the glass. The Richard Juhlin Optimum champagne glass is uncompromising in its visual and tactile pleasure.

The final result, exact to the increments of degrees and millimetres, is a uniquely thin and slender, machine-made glass which ensures quality and performance consistency. Furthermore, the manufacturing process enables the glass to be priced at a level that allows you to throw the glass over your shoulder without a great deal of remorse the next morning! As final proof of the optimum conditions that the glass creates, the Richard Juhlin glass is available with the ‘Juhlin Line’, traced around the bowl of the glass, indicating the exact level to fill the glass to in order to experience champagne at its purest form.