• air purifier
  • Blueair
  • 2012

When designing an industrially manufactured product such as an air purifier we make use of our experience from the worlds of architecture and furniture design. After all, like a traditional piece of furniture, the air purifier will end up in a room and therefore take part in an architectural context. So we want to approach the design accordingly.

An air purifier is an object in its own right and does not have to be a dull piece of technical equipment. After all, this air cleaner removes the unwanted particles from your indoor air. It makes the air that you breathe in your own home healthier and it does it gently. A quite beautiful achievement, isn’t it? We certainly want our design to express this beauty in its appearance as well.

The materials are steel and glass. Trustworthy in quality and 100% recyclable.

The glass top is not just a “magic” control panel (interactive, motion-sensitive and fully intuitive) but also a tactile and attractive surface.

The overall steel shape is refined to the bare essential. (Available painted in six contemporary colors.) The slightly elliptical form with rounded corners creates a fluent edge line and thus reduces the appearance in the room. The gap to the floor makes the unit appear to float and leaves the floor plane visually interrupted. Finally, the necessary grill patterns are morphing into the closed sides of the casing to blur the otherwise sharp contrast between open and closed.

Very simple. And only twelve months of design work.