Set of Bowls

  • Set of bowls
  • Design House Stockholm
  • 2014


One of the oldest artefacts in the history of mankind is the bowl. Used today as they always have – as containers for food. Historically, the material tells the story of the development of the civilisation. Today, the material tells the story of its intended use. As a functional object the bowl has always belonged to all cultures, all around the world.

The bowl must be functional. A beautiful bowl that doesn’t works is not really… beautiful. The idea is five simple bowls that are different but clearly belong to the same family. When apart each has its own shape, size and material – suggesting its use. Put together they form a unified set.


Why nesting bowls? What draws us to them? Could it be something with the progressive rhythm that is so profoundly appealing? Variations on the nesting concept are found in all cultures throughout history. For one example, just think of the Russian ‘matryoshka’ doll.

An exciting thought since it seems to suggest that we are looking at a fundamental human love affair with an artefact that goes deeper than culture, deeper than history, deeper than geography. The nesting bowl – a universal experience of beauty?

The Set

1. The largest bowl is made of polished stainless steel. Perfect for fruit.

2. The large bowl is made in dark brown melamine. Useful for preparing food or salads.

3. The middle bowl is made of oven-safe glazed stoneware. Used for foods au gratin.

4. The small bowl made of turned solid wood. Works perfectly for nuts and other snacks.

5. The smallest is made of green glass. Useful as a caster sugar container, for example.