Tind house

  • Prefab house
  • Fiskarhedenvillan
  • 2013

A prefab, or kit, house needs to be flexible in size and configuration to accommodate individual families’ needs and individual locations. So, in order to maintain the architectural integrity of these houses, the design places importance on some strong features rather than any particular dimensions.

The first feature is the roof. The traditional Scandinavian single-family house has a single-pitch roof. The Tind house’s roof starts with this typical Swedish pitch. But then the peak is cut off. The resulting roof becomes somewhat of a hybrid between a flat roof and a single-pitch.

The second feature is the window niches. The thicknesses of the joists are disguised by bevelling the niche.

The third feature is alignment. The windows or doors on overlying floors have a one-sided alignment. Every line and every cut aligns with another, in a shifting of volumes and openings.

We choose to name the house Tind. In Norwegian this is the word for Mountain Peak. One difference between the Scandinavian mountain ranges and most other mountain ranges, such as the Alps, is the lack of sharp, pointed peaks. This stems from the last big ice age, during which they were worn away by the passage a retreating glacier. In Scandinavia, we find our mountains particularly beautiful because of this feature.