• Bracelet
  • DFTS Factory
  • 2012

When asked by DFTS Factory to do something for their collection “maybe some jewellery” we immediately thought about rapid prototyping technology.

The technique is basically working like this:
You have a container filled with a powder. Into the powder you shoot 3 (?) lasers which follow a 3D-file of the object. Where the lasers meet solid material is created.

Another interesting thing is that it’s possible to colour too.

Sintring as the real name of this technique. It is an interesting technology, in the way that it is possible to make very small series, or even unique pieces. And that it is possible to make interlocked objects already in the process. (like a chain)

Bearing this in mind, we designed a bracelet consisting of hundreds (thousands?) of small links. An object that would be more or less impossible to make with traditional technology, but is possible now.

A super high-Tech object that is jewellery. Tactile but technically advanced. Something that you can carry on your wrist. We like that.