Villa Terminus

  • Hotel
  • Bergen, Norway
  • 2017

The U-shaped villa with surrounding garden was built in Bergen in the 1760s as a house for the elderly. When the wooden building was inaugurated, it would have had an impressive size and modernity. Now, 250 years on, the garden has been engulfed by the modern city fabric and finds itself surrounded by much larger buildings.

Being the first building in the city of Bergen to receive listed status, its external appearance could not be altered.

The hotel wings contain just eighteen rooms on the two floors combined, with a series of communal spaces in the central section of the building. With the limited number of guest rooms and the private villa scale, the mid succession of open halls function as open kitchen, dining and living rooms for every guest at any time.

The interior is not simply restoring the antiquarian nor is it building a contemporary statement. By choosing elements of Scandinavian furniture, fittings and chalk-like colours (correct, but from different eras), the concept of historical dating vanished. The natural material palette is sympathetic for the finely-crafted and the handmade quality inherent in the building itself.

Villa Terminus is the first hotel by Claesson Koivisto Rune for De Bergenske.