• Pendant lamps
  • Wästberg
  • 2012

As long as there is record in history there has been shepherds. And the sheep they’ve kept were never just for their meat, but also for their magnificent wool. Wool absorbs moisture and keeps your body tempered. There is proof of wool being used for garments some 7.000 years back.

Wool is still used for garments in our times – in your own cardigan, in a

Audrey Hepburn hat or in the modern athlete’s performance clothes – but not so often for lamps.

Wool could not be more tested in the service of mankind. It could not be a more natural material. And with the natural colours of the sheep – creamy white, brown and black – it is also naturally beautiful (and without any dyes).

The unique felt quality used is heavy gauge and therefore an efficient absorber – not of moisture, but of sound. So hanging this lamp over your table or desk doesn’t just add light where you need it, but also improves the acoustics. And the design? We think of them as Audrey – glamorous.