• Extra large pendant
  • Wästberg
  • 2014

Lamp fixtures have historically been shaped to encase different light sources, such as the light bulb. Because of the physical shape and size of the light source the light fixture itself became of significant size.

Today, with LED, the close to zero-sized light source is not limiting the size and shape of the light fixture anymore. Consequently, minimizing has become the design rule.

However, with pendants in particular, the light fixture has always had an additional role apart from providing light – it shapes the room. The lamp that hangs from the ceiling, often above a table, creates a room within the room.

With the Extra Large Pendant we bring back the room-shaping quality. And not with one lamp, but three. Based on the most basic of geometrical shapes – the cone – in three variations: The tall and narrow, the archetypical, together with the low and wide. All three are super-sized. Pushing the limits of manufactured spun aluminium but not bigger than is necessary in order to pass through a normal door frame.

The feature of this lamp is its size. Paired with careful control of the fine details and the paper-like matt finishes, the lamp is almost illusory; dreamlike – when experienced in reality.