w201 Extra Small Pendants

  • LED pendant lights
  • Wästberg
  • 2020

As the name implies, the w201 extra small pendant lights are all about scale.

We ask ourselves: what the smallest size that these pendant lights could have, while still maintaining their light-emitting performance – and maintaining their three archetypical cone shapes?

The w201 extra small pendant lights is the compelling result.

Made from solid die-cast aluminium, each pendant lights is equipped with a flicker-free, CoB (Chip on Board) LED light source. This enables both the 1W (114 Lumen) and the dimmable 5W (570 Lumen) versions of the lamps to be extremely effective and efficient while emitting a warm white light (2700 K).

The previously designed w151 extra large pendants are the ‘elder siblings’ to the newer w201 extra small pendant lights. Where the w151 extra large pendants make a grand gesture in a room, the w201 extra small pendant lights offer another smaller, more intimate but equally important gesture.

The w201 extra small pendant lights are available in three models: (s1) H130 x W52 mm, (s2) H94 x W91 mm, (s3) H51 x W151 mm. The standard finishes are polished aluminium, white and black.