Grand Hotel Terminus

  • hotel
  • Bergen, Norway
  • 2019

Sometime during the 90 years since the Grand Hotel Terminus opened in 1928, the hotel became known in Bergen as the ‘Grand Old Lady’. With a status such as this, subtle interventions and a gentle hand were required in order to bring out the best in its classical interior spaces.

The exterior remains unchanged. From the reception, internal windows lead to Bar Amundsen. (The famous Norwegian explorer spent his last evening here before disappearing on an Arctic rescue mission in 1928.) Amber accent colours on the new furnishings match the bar’s whisky theme.

Behind the reception, the expansive breakfast room opens up. Wide, angled mirrors have been hung on the walls and new opaline and red chandeliers act as focal points throughout the space.

In the guest rooms, pale, chalky-green walls, that matches that of the façade, create a backdrop for the natural tones in the furniture; selected from different design eras. Black and white chequered bathrooms contribute graphic contrast. The inclusion of new artworks completes the eclectic assemblage, along with a diverse collection of modernist paintings.

Grand Hotel Terminus is the fourth hotel by Claesson Koivisto Rune for De Bergenske.